Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar Announces Shift in School Timings Starting 2024

Education Minister Of Maharashtra 2024

The Maharashtra Education Minister, Deepak Kesarkar, has announced a change in school times, effective from the academic year 2024, in an effort to better accommodate the needs of young learners and adapt to changing lifestyles. Let’s examine this progressive decision’s specifics in more detail.

The New Directive: Post-9 AM Start for Primary and Secondary Schools

Minister Kesarkar emphasized that this decision resonates with the viewpoint expressed by Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais regarding school timings. In response to this perspective, a committee has been established to deliberate and make decisions on the matter. To ensure a holistic approach, Kesarkar mentioned that the committee will consider the insights provided by psychologists and pediatricians. Their report will play a crucial role in shaping further decisions related to school timings.

The adjusted timings apply specifically to primary and secondary school students, ensuring a start time post 9 am. However, for classes beyond the secondary level, a dedicated committee will be formed to deliberate and make decisions tailored to the unique requirements of different age groups.

Rooted in Recognizing Evolving Lifestyles

The rationale behind this initiative is rooted in recognizing the evolving lifestyles of students. Kesarkar expressed concern that early morning school schedules, in conjunction with changing lifestyles, often lead to insufficient sleep for children. By making this adjustment, the education system aims to promote better sleep habits among students.

Governor Bais’ Earlier Advisory

Governor Ramesh Bais had previously informed the state education department in December 2023 that a review of school schedules was necessary. He made the observation that everyone’s sleep patterns have changed as a result of modern lifestyles, with an increasing propensity for people to stay up late. This choice demonstrates a careful reaction to the changing demands of students and recognizes how crucial it is to modify educational institutions in order to promote a supportive learning environment.

To sum up, Minister Kesarkar’s progressive stance highlights the dedication to student welfare and acknowledges that education needs to change with the times. The change in school hours is a step toward giving Maharashtra’s young people a healthier and more productive learning environment.

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